Who Am I & Why Did I Start This Community?

Hi there! I’m Erika, M.S, CF-SLP

  • Being from Wisconsin gave me a love of all things cheesy, from puns to Culver’s curds. I went to undergrad at The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) before coming back home to UW-Milwaukee for grad school. Now I’m off to complete my CFY in Tennessee in the schools and early intervention settings!
  • I’ve served my local NSSLHA board, as a SLP Student State Rep for my state association, and as a Student State Officer for National NSSLHA. Juggling these additional commitments taught me so much about the importance of stress-management, and, through it all, forming relationships with my fellow CSD students like you was my favorite part. This inspired me to start Self-Care Speech!
  • Before I found speech, I wanted to be an author! Besides blogging, I’d love to write a novel some day.
  • I’m really inspired by animal-assisted therapy, and a long-term goal is to work with dogs in my practice. With my free credits in college, I minored in Human & Animal Interactions and also helped foster future service dogs! Meet some of my loves:

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