Low-Stress Library

Why Low-Stress?

A little stress in life is inevitable~ and that’s okay! We cannot avoid it, so why not embrace it and reframe it: feeling stressed before an exam or clinic session just means we want to succeed and do right by our clients. We’re passionate about this field, and I love that about us!

The point of this library, then, is compiling resources by category to make us low-stress. With so many SLP and self-care resources out there, no reader of mine is going to be expending excessive time and energy figuring out where to start. We won’t reinvent the wheel, I promise! This library also never endorses or sponsors, is organized by category, and aims to be as minimalistic as possible. It is my free gift to you~ all I ask is that whatever time this saves you on research or therapy prep, you reinvest that into yourself 🙂

Want to contribute to our community’s Low-Stress Library? If you swear by a certain resource, email me at selfcarespeech@gmail.com. I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout!

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