New Grad Toolkit

Feeling stressed about the Praxis? Interviews? What to look for in a CFY? The New Grad Toolkit is here to help!


Praxis Study Materials
ETS Basics
Start with a study plan, study companion, and general “what to expect” here!

Study Guide
This study guide on TPT is SO comprehensive and helpful for anything you need to review! The main “study book” I used, and only $5

Cranial Nerve Tongue Innervation
I made this diagram to make CN Tongue Innervation super simple! Check it out 🙂

Cranial Nerve Rap
Big fan of auditory learning! I listened to this song on drives and it came in clutch for cranial nerves

Practice Tests
I do think practice tests help so much to get in the mindset of the tests. ETS has some for $19.95

Your Brain
You’ve been studying your whole graduate program just by showing up! Your clinical placements really prepare you so much– just think of questions in context of a patient 🙂

Interview Tips
Interview Prep Video
If you can believe it, my current employer actually asked me one of the questions in this video!

Interview Cheat Sheet
Here’s a list of interview questions that I was asked, as well as some ideas for how to develop your response!

How to Find a CFY
Guidelines from ASHA
All the background information to start!

FAQs from National NSSLHA
Get the most common questions answered!

Step-By-Step Guide
A rep from EBS presented at my grad program, and I found her slides to be really helpful in finding my CF

ASHA Career Portal
Regularly posts CF opportunities– this is where I found mine!

Education Career Networks
I linked the one for Wisconsin, since that’s what I’m familiar with! Definitely check and see if your state has something similar

Licensing Information
ASHA State by State
General state guidelines can be found here!

State Licensing Board
I have linked the one for Tennessee as an example! If you have questions or want an update on your application, call or email until get the answers you need. You wouldn’t believe how many times I contacted them LOL

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