Self-Care + Anti-Racism

Self-Care Speech is Committed to Becoming Actively Anti-Racist

I want my readers to know that this community will be a part of the solution. Our field is 93% white, and this includes me. Since this is in no way my area of expertise, I will share already existing resources created by Black, Indigineous, and People of Color here. We will elevate diverse therapy materials, assessment procedures, and cultural humility resources from creators, mentors, and advocates who are BIPOC, while maintaining a zero tolerance policy for racism in this community.

Please also note that I want this blog to be about so much more than me and my experience~ it’s open for you and your self-care and self-advocacy, too. If writing is also your outlet, and sharing your story with our community would help you heal, know that there is always space here. Get in touch at

I believe in channeling energy into action: a way I take care of myself is by intentionally working to release the negativity in the world around me by affecting positive change. So let’s write. Donate. Vote. Sign petitions. Call your representatives. Because #blacklivesmatter: a philosophy of both personal and clinical practice that will continually inform the community here at Self-Care Speech.

Sending you solidarity,


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