Teletherapy Toolkit

Has the quick switch to teletherapy been a source of stress for you too? Use these FREE resources to learn how to be a more effective teletherapist, and then explore these activities with your students and patients 🙂

To Start: Teletherapy Bootcamp Webinar for early intervention, school-based, and adult therapists. Fast forward to the presentation that pertains to you! If you’re using Zoom, check out this free tutorial. If you’re using Google, check out these free tutorials!

For EBP: ASHA’s Evidence Map on Telepractice

Before Your First Session: Teletherapy Checklists for You, Parents, & Behavior Mangement (Available in French, Spanish, & English!)

Therapy Materials

NOTE: Teachers Pay Teachers, Boom Cards, and Quia are great to explore for more freebies! Search for key words and goal targets.

Artic & Phono
Artic Drill Games
For a variety of speech sounds

Phono Activities
For a variety of phonological proceses

Language & Literacy
Language Study Stacks
For middle & high school students, in 30+ languages!

Mystery Doug
For fun, educational weekly videos for elementary & middle school students

For preK literacy activities

Sequencing Games
For common routines & concepts

Educate & Engage
For preK & kindergarten activities, including coloring, puzzles, etc.

Disney LOL
For Disney games & coloring pages (including Star Wars!)

Google Coding Game
For your kiddos that love STEM! Used to target language, following directions, etc.

Jack Hartmann
My little ones LOVE jamming out to his songs!

Jeopardy Labs
Classic that my school-age kiddos loved
For all your online game needs!
For all your boardgame needs!

Toy Theatre
Educational games for kiddos

Everyday Life Tutorials
For interactive, functional scenarios & tip sheets

Skillswise English
For reading, writing, spelling, grammar, & listening tutorials & fact sheets

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